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Joe Biden, Obamas vice-president, på blixtbesök Bagdad 090915Han är djupt impopulär i Irak. Hans delnings-och splittringspolitik upprör irakierna. I Bagdad sammanträder han med USAs ÖB i Irak general Odierno, USAs nye ambassadör Christopher Hill och gröna zonens utrikesminister Zebari. Granateld träffade samma dag gröna zonen, nära USAs befästa mastodontambassad
Utförsäljningen av Iraks oljaLasse Karlssons artikel, "Fortsatta motsättningar och oklarheter kring Iraks olja", kommer längre ner på denna sida.Utförsäljningen av Iraks olja”Stoppa dessa kontrakt som gynnar de multinationella bolagen och förpassar den irakiska oljepolitiken tillbaka till 20-talet”, säger den irakiske oljeexperten Issam Al-Chalabi som talade i Sverige november 2008 på inbjudan av IrakSolidaritet.”Vi hotas av ekonomisk ockupation”, säger Jaber Khalifa Jaber, chef för parlamentets olje-och gasutskott.De bolag som fick lämna Irak när oljan nationaliserades 1972, bjuds nu åter in av den irakiska klientregimen.
USA:s ambassadör i Irak Christopher Hill kräver att Irak öppnar fler oljefält för investerare.Mer än en tredjedel av Iraks totala oljereserver ska bjudas ut till de internationella bolagen i december.


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Rapporter, juni 2006

Under juni 2006 sände Muhamad T. Al-Deraji, Director of Monitopring Net of Human Rights in Iraq (MHRI) ett antal rapporter om läget i landet under USAs ockupation.

Urgent call About American crimes in Ishaqi and Hadithaa
Datum: 2006-06-04

We address our call to you hoping the fast active moving and immediately through the demonstrations and stress on the governments and parliaments to stop the bleeding in Iraq. The occupation is responsible of the massacres happening in Iraq everyday. The committed explosions and crimes done by the occupation and his assistants and militias aiming to sectarianism and break the Iraqi people unity. What happened in Basrah yesterday reminds us of what happened a while ago in Al-Ai'ma Bridge and Samarram explosions when those occupation assistants represented by the militias and gangs wearing police uniform and commandos did the explosion and the killing in Basrah are the proofs of pouring oil on fire by the occupation and his assistants on sectarianism which the occupation and who's working with it are planning for.

So, we demand for appointing a private reporter to investigate the crimes happening in Iraq, supremacy of Iraqi law against whoever commits a crime in Iraq, reforming interior security systems and Iraqi army according to international standards away from sectarianism and ethnicity and disbanding the militias.

Human rights situations in Karbala governorate
Datum: 28. May. 2005

· Karbala newspaper mentioned in its No. 34 dated in 20. May. 2005 to the governorate council decision in disbanding the security committee in the governorate Voluntarily after their feeling disable to stop and prevent the night assassinations, especially those done by the state cars. The governorate council praised on that brave decision by the members. A new committee has been formed where it included independents mostly.

That news reflexes the present security crisis in karbala after aggravation of human rights violations when the kidnapping and assassinations in May, 2005 reached to 22 (twentytwo) accidents where most of the assassinated were from the police who kept on going in their duty even after the occupation.

The support of the Iranian intelligence to the militias in the governorate was turned to support mahdi army militias and Al-Sadr office but not to the Supreme Council and Badr militia for the last has been with many scandals and uncovered. The security forces division became as following:
1. Drugs force control, force of controlling high crimes and Interior intelligence force: These all follow Badr and do all the the assassinations, repression, arresting civilians and kindling the sectarian strife in town like in the sand quarries (Makali' Al-Raml) in Um Al-Khanazeer area in Karbala governorate and assassinated everyone they thought he had relations with the x – regime and without any trial of lawful process.
2. The Ministry of Interior commandos: they follow al-Sadr office which getting the direct support from the Iranian intelligence. They are supporters and participators in death squads after explosions of Samarra and the one nearby Hussein shrine in the first week of May, 2005.

A summary about the militias in Karbala:
The first militias appeared after the occupation in few months was Badr and its main job was an intelligence to collect information in a way looked like the survey operation to all the personalities and main and notable personalities of the governorate. In the start of 2004, Badr forces started getting active in Karbala and the first chief was Abu-Amal (An old police officer and Badr chief of Karbala) and Abu-Sa'dik (Chief of the Supreme council in Karbala). Their most clear crimes were assassinating the personalities who were belonging to the Ba'ath party or the well-known personalities in the governorate. Their work is with coordination with the Iranian intelligence to make it easy for them to control the governorate. There are two rooms in the two shrines which were private used by the Iranian intelligence officers supervising drugs that caused many moral violations.
Then, after the control of Sistani office on the two two shrines (Hussein & Abbas), new militias started being fromed. The first goal for that was to protect the two shrines and the area around. That force was formed under the supervision of the Iranian intelligence. The most known officers were: Akram Al-Zubaidi who was chased by the Americans for his relation with Iran and was a member of the governorate council giving a daily report with Abdul-Ameer Al-Umawi about the daily situation in Karbala to the Iranian intelligence.
Within time and the control of the Iranian sides (Intelligence), the operation of tightening and suffocation of the freedoms; especially for women by preventing adornment and not to enter the shrine unless they wear black socks and cloak instead of jubbah.
The first armed fight happened was at the end of 2003 with Al-Sadr office when he tried to get into the Hussein shrine to get money same as the Sistani office does. The first battle happened in the city at that time which caused death of two civilians (One was a woman), injured many civilians and stores were closed for four days. The office of Hadi Al-Mudarrisi (Wanted in Bahrain when he was Iran ambassador there and tried for a coup to change the regime and escaped back to Iran after he was uncovered) had a role in kindling the fight between both sides and supporting them with Iranian weapons indirectly. After ending the conflict between both sides with the interference of the parties' coordination organization in the governorate at that time and clear all the army aspects from the streets hoping to solve the conflict between the mentioned sides in Najaf later.
To your knowledge, the Islamic Labour Organization headed by Hadi Al-Mudarisi had two military wings which are:

1) The organization of the Islamic forefront (Al-Talia'a) which was from the organizations where the government agreed it to join the Iraqi police and new army after the occupation. The chief at the start of the fall was called Abu-Salam (A lawyer from Amara city / Misan governorate). Then came Ali Shakir (Graduated from political sciences) after him in Karbala because of a financial disagreement when he's been out of the organization.

2) The Isamic Fateh organization.

When the conflict was getting stronger between the sides of the Shiite coalition during the last Al-Ja'afari ministry crisis, the Da'wa party (controlling most of the state administrative offices in Karbala) with the support of Mahdi army untl the forming of the commandos of the Interior Ministry was only from it. In the last few months, that force started violations of public and personal freedom with direct orders from Al-Sadr office. Among those actions were:
A. Attacking Al-Zawra market, controlling it, breaking all mobile stores claiming that there were pictures violating public manners and tunes against Islamic law and confiscation of all the computers. All that was supervised by the vice governor (Dr. Jawad Al-Hasnawi) and Karbala commandos. A group was arrested and taken to Al-Fuart mosque (Al-Sadr office center) and releasing some of them with keeping only two in the jail that was inside the mosque. They burnt the computers in the second day and also the CDs in front of the people in Al-Abbas street under the supervision of the commandos (There was an eye witness).

B. A group claimed of belonging to the governorate council passed by the coffeehouses two days later to prohibit chess, domino and backgammon. They made the owners of those coffeehouses sign a paper issued by the governorate council of prohibiting those games. When there was a consulting to the council, they denied it. Chess union / Karbala branch went to meet the manager of Al-Sadr office (Fadhil Al-Shari') and he told them to study the case.

C. Statements were given to women clothes stores few days later telling them to remove the models (mannequin) where women clothing and sleeping clothes are put on. They threatened them to blow the store of any whom doesn't follow the orders. Also, there was a campaign on the women hair dressing to close them and chasing man barbers to prevent them from doing new hair styles. All directs the accusations to Mahdi army supported strongly by the Iranian intelligence and members of the governorate council who are mostly from Sadr group and Al-Fadhila party.

Some of them went to the Education college two days later during the graduation party and started hitting and kicking out the presents claiming of prohibiting singing or joy in such occasions (There were eye witnesses). Now, most of the peopler started being afraid that karbala would be changed into a 2nd Talaban like in Afghanistan before, especially with the silence of the governmental sides, religious sides and most of the civil society organizations motivated by the fear of the growth of their power and supported by the Iranian money, weapon and governmental influence.

There are legitimate courts in Al-Sadr office that issue martial laws against the ones who don't follow orders. A gang that kidnapped 25 (Twenty five) children was arrested by Mahdi militia the week before the last in May. The representative of Al-Sadr office present when they have been transferred to investigation.

There are two Sunni mosques in Karbala. One of them is Al-Hassan mosque which was seized by the office of Al-Shirazi office headed by A'arif Nasrallah. Now, there's a problem with one of the officials of the parties about it because the mosque was a Husainia and Ali Al-ADeeb's father was responsible for it, therefore, a committee was formed from the endowment to manage it until the problem will be solved.

The second Sunni mosque is the mosque of Al-Nijajeer Market (Nijajeer = carpenters) in Al-Abbasiya area in Karbala. There was an office for the Sunni endowment, but a group from Al-Shirazi office seized it and turned it into a Hussainia called Ali Al-Hadi after the explosions in Samarra. Now, it's run by them.

· The governor of Karbala issued a racist sectarian decision that deprived based on it issued a decision that deprived based on it the citizens of other governorates, especially who are from Al-Anbar governorate from managing any of the sand, pebbles (structural items) quarries in the governorate and restricted to Karbala citizens in a clear violation to the new constitution text when he refused to renew the contracts for those who are not from Karbala citizens or register under a name of a citizen from karbala, therefore many of them registered their quarries under names of citizen from Karbala to renew the the contracts, but the many police and national guards violations and after assassination of sex of citizens from Al-Rahman quarry forced them to leave and sell those quarries.

Some crimes of death squads in Karbala:
1. Karbala newspaper mentioned in the issue of the No. 32 in the second week of April , 2006 that unkown armed broke into a house in Al-Ghadeer district and some of them arrested the family members, while some other took the twenty years old girl to a room, shot her and let her body swim in a blood pool.

2. It mentioned in its issue of the No. 29 in the third week of April, 2006 that unknown armed assassinated the lieutenant colonel A'amir Baddawi, related to the border guards command. A source in the police said unknown armed shot the lieutenant colonel A'amir in Al-A'amil neighborhood, west of the town and escaped.

The newspaper also mentioned that the police found a dead body of an officer in the Ministry of Housing and Construction (Al-Fao Company) shot and injured with many bullets in the head and chest. The body was found in a desert area to the west of the governorate.

The police also found unidentified dead bodies in Al-Hindia township of young men in the twenty five years old of their age with tied hands and feet where there were traces of suffocation and thrown in Al-Hindia river, 200 (Two hundreds) kilometers east of the town.

Also, unknown armed assassinated the commissioner Tarteeb Ahmed, related to Karbala Police Directorate. A source in the police mentioned that armed men on board of a car of the brand Mark2 obstructed the commissioner's car while he's leaving his house in Al-A'amil neighborhood and showered it with bullets and escaped.

3. Dr. Qasim Muhammed jasim Al-Dieni, who was killed in 18. May. 2005. He was threatened by unknown armed to kill him unless he gives up teaching in Karbala university but he refused their threat and went on teaching until he was killed.

4. The police in al-Hindia township / Karbala governorate found an unidentified dead body in the second week of April, 2006. The dead body was for a citizen of about fifty years old of his age, with hands tied, traces of suffocation and thrown to the Euphrates river, twenty kilometers East of Karbala. The investigations didn't find the place where the crime happened and the Id of the body.

5. One of the last crimes of death squads related to these militias was the murdering three young men from Al-Rahma organization (Mercy organization) and mutilated heir bodies in 16. May. 2006. Those forces also tried to assassinate Mr. Hameed Al-Hilali, the member of the governorate council in 10. May. 2006.

6. A man named Sabah, working in transporting thermostone was kidnapped two weeks ago. He's from Ramadi and married to a woman from Karbala. He's kidnapped from his house by the force of high crimes and nobody knows his destiny until now.

7. Mijbil Khidhir Al-Ha'yif, owner of Al-Rahman quarry in Um Al-Khanazeer area in Karbala where his house is nearby the American base in Jurf Al-Sakhar, had to leave to leave to Sayf sa'ad in Karbala because of the tensions and the re-bombing the base. He was arrested in the first day in the new place by the police intelligence. He stayed for a week and then they set him free for paying three millions Iraqi Dinars (3.000.000 ID).

The police of the high crimes and the national guards sometimes were arresting people from the quarries area one week before Samarra explosions. They arrested two sons of Mijbil Khidhir Al-Ha'yif where their ages were less than twenty five years old, two Steam Shovel drivers working in the quarry and two of sandwiches buyers. After tha father Mijbil went to the police, he was arrested too. One day after his arrest, we found the six arrested killed on the road of Ein Al-Tamir. The killing was by a bullet in the head for each one and with traces of torture with the eyes pulled out. When the uncles of the dead six came to take the bodies, the police forced them to sign a paper for not causing the issue in the Iraqi courts. To your knowledge, Mijbil is still arrested until now and nobody knows the destiny of his sons. Mijbil's wife also lost her mind and she's crazy now which made the neighbors to put her in a room and feed her with their own hands with her hands tied feeling afraid of her being crazy.

Some methodic collective punishment crimes of the occupation forces
Datum: 2006-06-15

Six martyrs were executed by the occupation fire after finishing their nightly prayers during Ramadan in 2003

In the severest moments of the sadness when a mother loses her son and husband and she's throwing handful of dust on her head while the children dance like slaughtered birds! This story is not a novel or a movie produced by the American cinema or magical art that makes people enjoyed to satisfy the purpose of the new principle. We will show you one of the American human rights stories against our wounded people in Iraq:

The American forces committed an abominable crime against one of the poor Iraqis when they shot fire against a group of prayers who were leaving the mosque after doing the prayers nightly prayers in Alb-Mhedi village / yathrib township / Salahuddin governorate in 2003 during the middle of Ramadan in 2003. That action led to martyrdom of the driver (Yunus Algam), injured five and all were taken to the hospital by another car of the brand Kia, but the American ambush was shooting the Kia, attacked it fast, lit fire in it using burning bombs and turned it into ashes. Some of the wounded tried to escape, but the American hold them and threw them into hell where the bodies were totally found burnt. One person could stayed alive and he's wounded (Haj Algam) and he's the only witness who told what happened which made the American look for him, but God's will was before them so they couldn't find him. He was found unconscious in the day after in the morning to uncover the story about those martyrs killing whose names are:
1. The chief of the village (Salma'n Elias and his two sons Arkan and Dawood).
2. kareem Algam.
3. Muhammed Ahmed Yousif.
4. Yunus Algam.

Dawn Crime in Falluja
Datum: 2006-06-28

A very big American force formed of marines airdrop soldiers, carrier helicopter Chinook, apache helicopters supported with tanks, hammer and armored humvee vehicles and a big number of the marines soldiers accompanied with strange persons (according to the neighborhood families evidences) seen for the first time in Falluja that they were with beards and accompanied with very dangerous dogs broke into the house of Mr. Najim Abdul-Ilah Al-Mashhadani in Al-Shorta neighborhood in Falluja town at dawn of Sunday, 18. June. 2006 to spread panic and terrorism in the hearts of people in the nearby area using a big force that's enough to break into a town but not a small neighborhood! It started with exploding the outer door and ask the young man Sinan to show the badge to identify himself and he did showed his ID (The Americans did it to all Falluja people to use it in going out and coming into Falluja) to assert that he's Sinan, but they shot him dead with a hail of bullets and pulled him on the floor of the house after arresting the rest of the family in one of the rooms. The martyr Sinan was 22 (twentytwo) years old, a student in the third stage in Al-Mustansiria university and carried out the sustenance for a family formed of a young brother (13 years old), sister and a sick mother, and to your knowledge, his father was a martyr because of the civilians bombardment in the first American military operation against Falluja in April, 2004.

The American force took the 13 years old child Ameen with badly hitting to his small weak body and the dogs around him biting his hands while they put the curtains and sheets and mattresses over the martyr's body Sinan that even his family thought that he's arrested with his young brother Ameen but for the neighbors tried to arrange the messed up and broken things in the house to find the body of Sinan between the sheets and curtains!
Three days after the arresting, Ameen Najum Abdul-Ilah, the youngest son talked about the non human treatment by the beard men who were wearing ear rings by attacking him and scaring him by a dog which was left to attack the child Ameen to bite him three times in his left hand to deform the hand of this orphan child (father and brother) and to leave the traces of the American democracy on his deformed hand and his broken heart as a result of the criminality befell to his family.

The brutality of that American force didn't even stop to that family but crossed to the neighbors and the rest of the houses of the neighborhood to attack them that one of the mad dogs attacked a woman who tried to protect her baby whom the American dog tried to bite but he bit the kind kind-hearted mother's hand who jumped in front of her son with courage and let the pure blood of the mother flow from her hand until the forces left at 6 (six) a.m. in the same day to bandage her wounds.

The behavior those occupation forces reached to thievery in robbing and stealing the money and jewels of those families to prove that it's a mercenary's army before it's an occupation army.


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• Ett fritt och självständigt Irak!

• Stöd motstånds- kampen!

• Inget svenskt stöd till ockupationen!


• An unconditional and immediate US withdrawal from Iraq!

• A free and independent Iraq!

• Support for the resistance struggle!

• No Swedish support to the occupation!

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International Anti-Occupation Network
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